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For Anyone Interested Virgin America Sucks, Virgin America Inc. was an American airline that operated between 2007 and 2018, when it was integrated into Alaska Airlines. The airline primarily focused on operating low-fare service between cities on the West Coast and other major metropolitan areas, with higher quality service. It was headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area city of Burlingame, and operated domestic flights to major U.S. cities, primarily from hubs at San Francisco and Los Angeles as well as a smaller focus city operation at Love Field in Dallas.

The airline began operations in 2007 as an independent airline using branding LICENSED from the United Kingdom-based Virgin Group, which also controls the brand of the Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia airlines. The Alaska Air Group acquired Virgin America in April 2016, at a cost of approximately $4 billion and continued to operate Virgin America under its own name and brand until the airline was fully merged into Alaska Airlines on April 24, 2018.

Some of their customers are so upset about their shoddy service that they have dedicated blogs to publicize how much this airline sucks. They say "Don’t fly with Virgin America – there are lots of delays and the customer service reps all have bad attitudes and are not helpful or considerate." They even encourage other unsatisfied customers to post their Virgin horror stories. Here's a few of the best examples:

  • VirginAmerica Worst airline experience ever, stuck at SFO overnight with no hotel or idea when I can leave, hostile reps to top it off.
  • Complaints are now called “improvements” on their website, the first time I did it it timed out and you’re allowed only 1200 characters to describe a bad experience with customer service.
  • It’s a two-bit, half ass dog and pony show billed as an airline. Poor service and poorly managed. And, if an investigation were done, they may be guilty of large scale age discrimination. I saw no one at the counter or on board who appeared over the age of 30. I hope Southwest does a hostile takeover.
  • This is without a doubt the worst airline EVER! I am a travel agent and have experience working with every single airline. First of all they have NO customer service skills and are VERY rude on the phone no matter what you call for. I have never in my entire life dealt with such a rude company. Virgin totally screws you over. They charge a $150 change fee plus the reprice the return flight.
  • Virgin Airlines clearly has no concern for their customers. When their website failed to make the correct reservation on my flight, they told me I would have to pay to fix it. After 4 hours of phone calls, them pretty much telling me I lied, and admitting their website was not function properly.
  • Virgin Airlines clearly has no concern for their customers. When their website failed to make the correct reservation on my flight, they told me I would have to pay to fix it. After 4 hours of phone calls, them pretty much telling me I lied, and admitting their website was not function properly.
  • Virgin Airlines clearly has way more passengers than it needs, I am glad to help them out by no longer flying on their airline.

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Former Employee - In Flight Team Member says

"Dismal pay. Scheduling and management were not consistent in their policies. No sense of loyalty to their crew. Pilots were often sexist and even egotistical at times."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Zero up front communication regarding training and pay, fake personalities, upper management gossip, slander, and bullying. In addition, bidding experience for a reasonable schedule was a joke unless you had high seniority and those with high seniority would stalk and harass you so they could end up with the perfect schedule while you end up working over 35 hours as a part time teammate with zero benefits."

Former Employee - Guest Services Teammate says

"-low pay ($14.47) for an overload of work and constant yelling from guests -hours are terrible, will have to work here for a long while until you can get the schedule that you want so expect to work either really early in the morning (4-6am) or late in the evening (3pm). -sure some of the coworkers are nice, BUT just when you think you're making good friends ha nobody is a friend here; it's almost laughable. -travel perks only good when you can go on your days off, which I can tell you will not be a weekend so good luck trying to travel with someone. AND WHAT THEY DON'T TELL YOU: If you're traveling with a travel companion (who is not your parents or spouse or children, i.e. domestic partner, significant other, friend, even grandma, etc.), you will get imputed taxed, which means that IT'S REALLY NOT FREE. It's FREE* (* for fine prints). -even with your day off, you'll only be able to go somewhere for 1 day, 1.5 day if you're lucky. -good luck trying to get people to trade or cover you when you want to travel longer or on say a weekend (for those of you with bf/gfs that have normal work schedules). Need an idea of how shady people are here? Example: I asked someone who I thought was nice and everything, if she/he didn't mind switching one of their days off with one of mines. His/Her response: Thursday's are more work you know, I should get another of your days off. -last but not least, they're merging with Alaska Airlines, and so far, it's going downhill; most people have already left because of this. What am I trying to say? ALL-IN-ALL, none of this is worth the perks and stress."

In Flight Teammate says

"Pay is awful. Promises made and not kept. Supervisors were unfair and not consistent with work rules"


"You are working undercover spying on airlines. You are working under a false company name. You are lie to passengers that you work for the airport when you work for delta. You offering a survey card for upper management for delta. You are spying on all airlines. You travel every week to different airports."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Incompetent management, favoritism, poor treatment of the front line."


"There is much hype with "hip" culture. Richard Branson is "cool" guy but he has nothing to do with how this airline is run on a day to day basis. This was a temporary stop for most of the training class, not thought of as career. It's low paying, extremely political, unprofessional and the training department was horrible. Why would you choose this as a career? The ones that did were arrogant, which I saw as extremely immature. Underneath it all there are deep problems at this company, thus the MERGE!!"

Current Employee - Guest Services Teammate says

"No benefits no one likes to switch or help out so you can travel you have to wait a year if you want to go to a different department a lot of responsibility little pay"


"Scheduling team that doesn't act professionally. Management that does not know what they are doing."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No work/life balance. Open door policy a farce. Employees are victims no responsibility. Management does not care about you whatsoever unless you grovel at their feet."

Virgin America (Former Employee) says

"Management does not listen to the employees, they are only concerned about stake holders and what the executives can get out of the company. They do not promote from within the company, no matter how much education or on the job training you have."

Ground Service Agent (Current Employee) says

"my job in collage, i was so happy to start but it was bad, very bad. long hrs payed bad and short lunch breaks."

Flight Attendant (Current Employee) says

"Virgin America seems like an amazing company to work for, which it can be depending on your seniority within the company. As a new hire I was attacked on racial, ethnic and religious grounds. And when I sought for help from the company, I was mocked and ultimately retaliated against for whom I was reporting. The job itself was amazing, but to know that my rights were not protected was a very scary thing to benefitsracist company"

In-Flight Team Member (Flight Attendant) says

"I have met a lot of amazing people however, Management and the job was quite difficult to work with. Would not recommend to work for. My colleagues however were great people. Nothing is consistent with the job leadership.Management was difficult. Bad Morale"

Reservations Agent (Former Employee) says

"I took the job with Virgin under duress. I was not happy with the environment. I would not recommend this comapny to anyone. It seemed fun in some campaigns but not this one. I was low pay, and very stressful.Free lunches sometimeeverything"

INFLIGHT TEAM MEMBER (Former Employee) says

"Overall very fun culture and atmosphere. However, is not unionized which can cause issues when being scheduled in rest periods and so forth."

A&P Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"every day their was overtime required we were never asked to work it was mandatory. One crew chief did not know the air craft. My years expierance was to look in the maintenance manuel.night crew chiefs were good to work withsome crew chiefs would make you stay over time with out your permision"

Guest Services Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"Sadly this start up is going down hill due to lack of sufficient management, unfair work practices and poor compensation. They look good on paper and seem 'cool' but if most people knew how they treat employees and the BS they try to convince us of, you may not think they are the greatest airline. They have some great ideas/concepts and many good people (including some in leadership) but every time you turn around things change and what they said or promised one day can change the next. As others have said- depending on who you know, who you are or if you are liked you can be treated well and move up. If not you are screwed. Which is sad because there are many competent people that deserve positions that others should have never been promoted to. Lastly- from day one they brag about their 'open door' policy to feel free to communicate with leadership all the way to the top- but this is false. You will not be given the time of day. They also state from the beginning that they promote from within and encourage and support professional growth- FALSE. Unless significant leadership changes are made, this company will lose the best people and be left with the undesirables.some of the people you work with are fun, their branding is cool and trendycompensation, opportunities for growth, fair treatment, respect from leadership"

Maintenance Planner (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Virgin America for a little over a year. When I was first hired it was a dream come true. Then the politics began. There is one specific person that makes everyone miserable and no matter how many complaints are filed, nothing seems to happen. The department has lost over half of it's people twice in the last two years, and a large part of it is because of one person and their inability to work well with others. Management stays distant. Generally they enable one person with all of the power and that person makes changes as they see fit, regardless of how it affects the whole team. It is heavily heavily micro-managed. The daily schedule is broken down into 5 minute increments, which is beyond absurd. The cost of living in the area is ludicrous. Even with top pay in this department, you are living just above the poverty level. It is the most expensive area on the planet statistically. That is not a comment but a fact. Heavily consider a position here.There are some really good people here. Engineering has many of them.The turnover, the drama, the Management in my department, the cost of living, the opportunity, the high school mentality of most of the people there, the politics of senior leadership, the heavy workload put on certain departments, the company focus at times, the list goes on..."

San Francisco Agent (Former Employee) says

"if your young and simple minded and just want to travel then yes .. this is the ideal place to start off. this company lacks moral and if your not a "favorite" you will likely be forced out by unfair treatment and favoritism. yet every job has favoritism, so you have to find your balance.. either you kiss butt to keep your job, or you try to stay under the radar so they wont bother you.. but that doesn't last long either. They will find a way to trap you into a web of lies to use it against you so you can be set up to get fired or easily give up the Meri-go-round ride and quit. don't expect promotion if your African American because it's a true rare thing for them for promote or set greater equal opportunities if your a Person of African American Descent. If you knew the internal statics you would understand that they do the true bare minimum just to meet their affirmative action quota. Also they favor those who belong to the homosexual community so that's how they cover up any discrimination is they favor a homosexual candidate as oppose to a heterosexual candidate to "prove" they don't discriminate but that's a bunch of liesFree TravelFavoritism, Racism, Sexism"

Reservation Agent (Former Employee) says

"The day would start out pretty slow but as time went on we would get slammed with calls from multiple areas. Always had the help of co workers trying to clear the queue of calls. I learned a lot about the behind the scenes of running a airline and different flight codes numbers and the weather problems. The management in the call center were rude or to busy to help out or would completely ignore you but pressure you into a speedy call rate to get a higher pay or get written up. As a team in the call center we had people who caught on to the software and some that couldnt at all but certain people that caught on fast would help out and or walk around to where others needed more help. The hardest part of the job was when the airports had to shut down because of snow or weather related problems. The phones will be jammed packed with callers and back to back calls all day. Most enjoyable part of my job would have been talking to other people on the phone and hearing the stories they would tell about vacation or something cool that the seen or something just out right funny. Talking to peopleonly 2 bathroom breaks and 1 lunch break"

QA/QC Rep (Former Employee) says

"Like a case of the Emperor's New Clothes. All hype. The above wing operation was excellent. However, the Tech-Ops side was very short on substance and experienced management.Excellent brand.Tech-Ops inexeperiance."

Technician Line Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"The aircraft mechanic job here is a hard place to work,due to the poor planning of the work load of aircraft work.10 hr shift on graveyard you will work all 10 hrs with no breaks or lunch breaks typically during the shift. Very high turn-over of mechanics quitting because of this.Management very poor,they do not back up there employees.Flight benefits.Average pay for hard work."

Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"I really liked working for this company however it was working for a 3rd party company. In which, that made the company not fun to work for. I did not do any fun activaties."

Hardquarters Staff (Former Employee) says

"Work/Life balance did not exist in the corporate office unless you were a favorite. In that case, you were able to get away with a lot. The teammates were great to work with but management was no where near what you would expect from a business of that size. It's a wonder it was sold off."

Quality Analyst (Current Employee) says

"1. work is constantly busy with no real downtime. there are constant side projects thrown at you. 2. I have learned great customer service skills as well as management and leadership skills. 3. Bad culture. (high attrition rate, promised incentives that were never given) 4. High workload. 5. I am given lots of work because I am trusted to get it done.Flight PerksBad work culture (High Attrition Rate)"

Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"Advancement is not possible because company so small, and if you do get an opportunity, it will be in SFO where the cost of living is to high for the pay that you desire.Virgin is a great brandpay and advancement"

Flight Attendant (Former Employee) says

"I really enjoyed the front-line employees I had the honor to work with. My fellow coworkers made stressful situations and hard hours manageable and positive. The management, work rules, and compensation however need revamping."

Guest Services (Former Employee) says

"Overall GREAT company! Health and flight benefits! Just alot of favoritism. Great experience working for this company. Perfect job for a young person.Free flightsPetty Management"

FLIGHT ATTENDANT (Former Employee) says

"this place is awesome, than there is management and rules that are not followed across the board. Management like to use and abuse the rules when its in their favor.great co workersissues with consitancy"

Peter Clausen says

"Cancelled flight from Boston, no information, unmanned counter in airport, no assistance, no rebooking, response on email complaint: please call this number, no answer. Catch 22."

Wchadwick says

"I dont get the attraction."

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